Don’t take our electoral college

Our Democrat Socialists are trying to do away with the Electoral College. The Founding Fathers knew that a democracy would not last. We are a Constitutional Republic. With a democracy we would have social justice instead of equal justice. There is a difference. We would have mob rule under a democracy. Without the Electoral College, California, New York and the more populated states would rule the country. Rhode Island, Delaware, the small states or less populated states would have no voice.

I would imagine our Democrat Socialists also want the Electoral College gone because of all the years or voter fraud they’ve worked so hard to put in place will finally pay off. That is probably why they are helping flood our southern border with illegal aliens and giving them drivers licenses, in some states, not putting on the census “Are you an American Citizen”, and not show a valid ID to vote is so important to them.

There are 15 states willing to give their delegates to the popular vote for president. They only need 270 delegates and they are close to 200. Ohio is discussing whether they should bring it up. Shame on our Republican dominated state for even considering such a travesty. They are playing right into the Democrat Socialist’s hands. This is dangerous.

You must be engaged. Call your representatives and tell them Not to give our delegates to the popular vote for president.

Rebecca Orians