Do Your Part

I walk my dog every morning for about two hours. It’s good for her and good for me. I live in the north end of Tiffin close to the river. I have noticed beer cans, pop cans, paper cups, McDonalds bags and all kinds of junk people throw from their cars. Every fast food business is well represented. I walk through the park on the east end of Davis St. and see where people throw out their broken tvs, paper and other junk. I think they use the park to clean out their cars. Noone seems to care as long as it’s not in their yard. A lot of the fast food bags still have half eaten food in them. Why do certain people do this with no concern for other people or the ecology of our country. Most of this problem stems from how some children were raised and how our society is changing from an “us” society to a “me” society. I am very proud of our city, Tiffin. It takes effort from everyone to keep it clean and beautiful. We have a good refuse collection sytem that takes care of junk, garbage and recycle items. We have city workers who do a good job keeping the streets clean. We have a few potholes but if you turn one in it gets fixed. Don’t just drive around it and complain. We live in the greatest country in the world and if we work together it will stay that way.

James A. Somers