A spring with too much rain

I don’t remember a time like this spring with all the rain. I was told 1947 was similar.

At that time I moved to town with my parents. Dad had retired from farming leaving my brother to farm.

I was working as a billing clerk at American Standard. I would drive out to the farm every evening to help my brother milk the cows. I didn’t pay much attention to the weather then.

I keep hearing it said today, “It’s climate change.” God made us, the earth and all that is in it. God is in control. All our years farming, my late husband and I from 1950 to 2012, we carried crop insurance one year and didn’t need to collect. We never had a crop failure. Some years were better than others. That’s the way farming is and always has been.

Now we have had a break from the rain. It’s late. Soybeans are being planted. Much corn ground is laying idle. Corn will be needed.

Now what do we do. We need to pray to God for rain when we need it and for sunshine. to grow what is planted, for protection from storms and hail, for a late fall without a frost for the crops to mature.

We hope and pray for a better year next year. It most always comes.

Ruth Hoepf