What has Happened to the Democrats

I watched the Mueller Report and could not believe what he was saying.

He made the assumption that Trump was guilty of something without any clear evidence. The thing about his comment was his report proved Trump innocent but he made the ridiculous statement, Trump could be guilty even without any evidence. This is the worst thing I have ever heard. Mueller is kissing up to the Democrats to cover his behind. What the liberals wanted was to get rid of Trump. They wanted to hear he was guilty of something no matter how trivial. So, Mueller’s comments will fuel the next year and a half with investigations of our President after spending 35 million dollars that proved he was innocent. Do not look for our government to accomplish anything until 2020. So next year it is the voters chance to vote for people who are willing to represent the voters not themselves playing politics.

I am afraid if we elect a liberal, we will be in for miserable four years of government.

What has happened to the party I was affiliated with for most of my life? I switched to the Republican party to vote for Trump. Clinton was not an option. The Democrats have been on a downward spiral since the Clintos and Obama. Where has the insanity come from? Some of the newly elected Democrats are way out in left field. They make proposals that are not feasible or sustainable. Democrats are being taken over by the political left. I hope some of the older, more moderate Congressmen can convince the others to come to their senses.

James A. Somers