Socialism and Constitutionalism

The new political trend for many is a move towards socialism, especially with the millenial. The belief that there can be free college, free health care, free this or free that, is getting riduculous. When we were young we learned that everything costs time, money or energy. Things were not handed to us, we needed to work for what we had. There is real value in that axiom, that what we work for is more appriciated and better taken care of, because of the effort we’ve expended.

Maybe if we worked together as families, have a faith in God, and put our electronics away for awhile, we would start to understand that even “free” isn’t free. There is a cost for everything and someone has to pay for all the things that governement gives, and not all the cost will be of monetary value. The biggest cost is the loss of freedoms, the loss of thinking for ourselves, and having the government make all our decisions for us. We will be told where and when to pray, where and when we can get health care, where we will get an education or if we will get one, when we should live or die. Some of this is already happening.

As the 75th anniversary of D-Day has come and gone, it is an insult to all the men and women who fought for and/or gave their lives for the freedoms that we hold so dear in the Constitution of the United States. Children today are being taught a skewed version of history, by many teachers, and textbooks have been watered down. All kinds of statues and memorials, have been destroyed so as not to psychologically damage our young people. This is leaving them with a distorted view of the past, and not a true sense of history either good or bad.

We are a nation of laws, but some government officials have turned their backs on that and want to make exceptions all over the place for illegals. We have turned our backs on God and now want to be ” politically correct”, which changes with the whims of Congress, almost daily. We need to open our eyes and look at what is happening in other parts of the world, especially, what is going on in Venezuela. We need to understand that their path of socialism has destroyed their beautiful, once thriving country! This can and will happen here if we no longer live by the laws of God, and the beautiful Constitution, written by our forefathers.

The politicians who are proposing socialism are also proposing giving compensation to the decedents of slaves. Slavery is an evil, but hte slaves were freed after a horrendous Civil War, and if we are going to compensate their decedents, what about the Native Americans, the Irish, Italian and Chinese who were indentured, the Japenese that were incarcerated during WWII, the Roman Catholics, and Jewish people who were looked down on for their beliefs? Do we owe all of those peoples’ decedents compensation, or are we going to move on as Americans, that have all paid the price at some point in our ancestry, for the freedoms, we hold so dear? As our legal immigrants, now citizen, daughter-in-law says, “she is an American, and we are all part of that big melting po called, America!” We should all move beyond being hyphenated any-ones!

We have Christian responsibilities to our fellowman, and caring for our world. This responsibility can never be replaced with government interference and mandates. Socialism & Communism are destroyers and oppressors of freedom. We need to get back to basics, living by The Ten Commandments & our Constitution. Our forefathers were certainly not perfect, but they were very wise men who had learned from history, and certainly left us a legacy that would be a tragedy to see destroyed. If politicians proposing the in-roads into socialism and destroying our American Heritage, really want to make our country better, they need to start protecting our rights and freedoms instead of replacing them with socialism.

Many of today’s politicians are concerned only wiht power, money and winning. They are not concerned about rights of ever a legal citizen in this country. They have lost sight of who elected them and who they work for. They seem to think only of themselves and their party affiliations, and what is in it for them. This is happening not just in federal and state government, but is trickling down to local governments, as we have seen locally, in a very big way, in the last year. We appriciate and thank the dedicated teachers and politicians who seem to understand what their jobs are really all about and continue with their efforts!!!

Fred and Kay Zirger