Privileged to know Ralph Kieffer

I read with great interest your June 8th Obituary on Ralph K. Kieffer.

I had the privilege of knowing Ralph Kieffer as he was my science teacher and basketball coach during the 1964 time frame at Mohawk Jr. High School in Sycamore. Ralph Kieffer was one of the great ones as a techer and coach and he impacted my life growing up in the greater Tiffin area. Additonally, his wife Jean was my fifith-grade teacher and was excellent having taught the full course load for that level at Melmore Elementary.

Ralph Kieffer made education and sports fun and most of us, if not all, benefited from his leadership. I remember seeing Ralph Kieffer twice after Mohawk as in 1978 I encountered him while putting up political signs for my Dad on a Saturday afternoon as he was running for Seneca County Commissioner that year. I recall Ralph spining around in his vehicle on a back road with stones flying when he saw me and we had a delightful conversation. Later in 2007, Ralph and Jean Kieffer honored me by coming to the Tiffin University speakers’ forum as I was invited to be there to share my experiences with Ronald and Nancy Reagan prior to the 1980 Presidential election and during both terms of the Reagan White House.

The given is that I didn’t know anyone who did not like Ralph Kieffer as he was decent from every perspective and we gained much from him. He always kept things interesting and enjoyable for us while being one highly intelligent and cool guy

As is sometimes stated in Washington, this leader served with great distinction.

Jim Kuhn

Washington, DC