Free Speech Being Stopped

Do you wonder why I say to listen to Glenn Beck on 1370 a.m. from 9 to noon? Right now Facebook, Google, YouTube, even Pinterest are trying to stop conservative voices. Abby Johnson, who left the abortion clinics, is now on the side of pro-life. Her site is not allowed to show pictures of abortions. Yet, Planned Parenthood can say and do anything on their site. Louder with Chowder has been demonetized on YouTube because he mocked a gay Latino. But, the Latino can say what he wants.

This is digital ghetto. You can speak on your site, but you better conform to what the big tech giants want you to say. Right now you’d better not speak against abortion. The tech giants are an open platform. Anyone can say what they want but the tech giants cannot be sued. They have no control over speech. Right now they are limiting free speech.

Mark Zuckerberg is asking Congress to regulate the internet. However, since Congress no longer writes the bills they vote on, the tech giants will be writing the bill and they will slam the door on anyone else that tries to offer the same services we have now.

We can’t let Congress regulate the internet. It is what they have been trying to do for awhile. It will end our free speech. It won’t stop the Socialists in this country only the conservatives. Be viligant. If your representatives try to legislate the internet tell them NO.

I find out about this and other issues by listening to conservative stations, many people read them on the internet. You will not hear these issues from our biased media. Our media promotes Democrat Socialist propaganda. Please help the conservative voices and listen to them and support them.

Rebecca Orians