Broken Ideas

I worry about what will happen if Trump starts to apply tariffs to products and parts we receive from Mexico. Our President has tried to work with the Democrats to change our laws so our Border Patrol can control the immigration problem. He has tried to get money for a wall but to no avail. They don’t like Trump and will not do anything he wants to do. They see the crises but will not admit there is one. To hell with the people who they represent. He is in a no-win situation with the liberals in the House. This problem with illegal aliens is a fact and will change our lives for years to come. This country can not support the millions of people who are coming in without even basic skills to help our economy. Most of these people will be on welfare programs which are now overloaded. In the next few years the Baby Boomers will be retireing. Can you imagine what will happen if you add millions to the government welfare programson top of that. Some of the Democratic Presidential hopefuls want to add socialism to the mix for our future. Can you picture how much money it will take to support the new and old programs and all the other programs the liberals are pushing. Medicare for all, Free college, equal pay for everyone. Some liberals want to send government checks to everyone to compensate for lower income. Liberals are talking about a one payer healthcare system run by the government. It will end private insurance and employer health insurance. You think you have trouble now, just look at the problems they have with GI healthcare. Some have to wait for weeks for an appointment. Most doctors will have more work so you may not get the doctor you know or want. By 2025 we will be in debt more than we could ever repay. We must sit down and work together to attain a balanced budget and work together.

Jim Somers