Biased news coverge

When it comes to biased news coverage, it’s not a question of which channel is biased. The question is: Which is the most biased. I’m sure the answer would be: Well-it all depends on who you ask. If someone were to ask me, I would have to say that it is quite obvious that the answer is CNN. (But then, I may be a little biased myself.) I can certainly understand why it is necessary to investigate anything that the president is accused of and CNN is certainly doing that. Night after night they bring up issues some of which are significant while others are trivial. Yet of all that Hillary Clinton is accused of they totally and completely ignore her. There’s the Whitewater scandal, Benghazi, the Clinton campaign, her email scandal which has many questions and much more. Vince Foster is another. These and others are serious. But they are all ignored while they spend most of their time just nitpickin’ on totally insignificant things. I’ll say it again we need to get someone like Walter Cronkite back.

Just a few of my thoughts.

Frank SanGregory