Work together

I read the article by Jonah Goldberg in the Feb. 22 Advertiser and was appalled by his lack of knowledge about the emergency at our southern border. All information coming from there by the people who police it, the drugs, felons and illegal immigrants, are at a critical stage and increasing at an alarming rate. His viewpoint is that of most left-wing liberal news and only reflects the anti-Trump bias.

Of all the things President Donald Trump has accomplished, I can’t remember one thing that was published until it was slanted and reworked to appear as a negative. Our president must have the constitution of an elephant to accomplish what he has with all the negative liberals and press. Think what he could achieve if his own party had the guts to support him. Also, if both parties would forget about politics and work together. It’s about time politicians would work for the people who elected them and stop thinking about their own personal roll and get something done. I think there is only one way to solve this problem. It has been discussed many times before, that is term limits. That would prevent (members of) the House and Senate from thinking about a lifetime job and concentrate on why they were elected, to work for the people who put them there.They could have two four-year terms, the same as the president. That way we could get rid of political connections and the same old ideas. We would get new ideas and politicians would not have time to establish negative interests of lobbyists and other influences.

James A. Somers,