March is Developmental Disabilities Month

There have been articles in the paper recently making people aware of individuals with developmental disabilities. It is good to see the promotions and the community involvement. I, personally want to talk about the state facility, Tiffin Developmental Center, and the Seneca County Opportunity Center.

A parent of a disabled child living in Seneca County will have excellent services available for the child. I feel most parents of individuals receiving services from Seneca County through Early Intervention, The Opportunity Center, Seneca Re-Ads workshop or day care services have the utmost praise for the dedicated people who care for their loved ones.

The first ” Provider Appreciation Celebration Dinner” was held at the Seneca County Opportunity Center Thursday evening. Individuals with developmental disabilities were able to nominate the outstanding caretakers within the community who had an impact on their lives for a special award. The nominations were heartfelt and touching. All caretakers nominated were honored. The first Impact Award was given to Andi Klima for her outstanding care over the years for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Because I have personal knowledge of the staff and employees at Tiffin Development Center, I can tell you most employees in Tiffin are dedicated to their care, and they do the utmost to provide for the adult residents living there.

They have my gratitude and I hope they have the communities recognition and appreciation.

Beth Donaldson,