Goals, incentive, motivation

I have been watching the Democratic Party prepping for the 2020 presidential campaign. There are quite a few of them who seem to have basically the same desire. They want to change our country into a socialist-type government. They would like to have almost everything free. Free health care, free college, free money from our government to equalize everyone’s income.

It sounds nice, but where would be the incentive for anyone to work hard for their future if some people would like to stay home and loaf? Where would we get our scientists, doctors and others and produce the things we need, our food, clothing, housing and do the things we need for everyday existence? Why would we need college when there is no reason for advancement? Where would all the money come from to support this lifestyle? This would not work. They say we will tax the rich and the upper high earners. This would not work either, because their income would have been adjusted to the same as everyone else.

Who would have the money to finance new ventures? Think of all the things we need. Production of our food, our cars, fuel for them, someone to fix our homes, our firefighters and police officers to keep us safe. This lifestyle would not and could not work. We would not have a future without capitalism. When incentive is gone, lifestyle as we know it would also be gone. The decision is so simple but I see they are looking for a Utopia and are blinded by the thought of easy money. Do not be fooled, keep your passion for hard work and achievement.

James A. Somers, Tiffin