Locked doors, open borders

It seems contradictive; everyone opposed to the border wall will go home into their homes and close the door. Most lock their doors for security. They will not let anyone enter unless they know them or give good reason to enter. But these same individuals want open borders and don’t care who comes in. This is an irresponsible decision that will not effect most people living many miles from the border. This is a disaster in the making. To cover the entire length of the border would require thousands of full-time people. For a long-term solution, the wall is the cheapest and most effective use of our money. I wish most people would think about this and base their decisions on facts, not politics. When I was young, people wanted to work together. Now it seems most want only to obstruct and be negative on everything. I only hope everyone will learn to work together before it is too late and our “beautiful country” will be destroyed and join the other once-great metropolises that no longer exist.

James A. Sommers,