Hark the Eagle’s Cry

The wind man came

and looked over the sky

said this will work fine

as the eagle flew by.

Then came the slick talkers

with their dollar signs

of many great things

did they opine.

We’ll put 60 turbines here

another 90 over there

600 feet tall

they’ll reach into the air

and the eagle gave a stare.

Many people said wait

they hurt my eyes my ears

this can’t be that great.

And I’ve heard tell

of bad happenings

to all things with wings.

Not to worry said the man

that’s all just a lie

just think about the money

and forget about the sky

’twas then the eagle gave a cry.

Sometimes in this life

when people push some good

it doesn’t always work out

as they said it would.

So still unconvinced

we turned to our leaders

but found too many in bed

with the huckster big leaguers.

And the money came first

over caring and love

and the powers that be

sold the sky above.

Then came the machines

that sliced up the gorgeous sky

the people were saddened

and the eagle … died.

Jim Feasel,

rural Tiffin