Are wind turbines good for the county?

Every time I hear commissioners Holly Stacy or Shayne Thomas say they think wind turbines are good for Seneca County, I get nauseated. Because of the way they have handled this issue, most people in the county are getting sick over it. If they would just rescind the alternative energy zone automatic tax break and at least pretend to listen, things could be a whole lot better. As it is, they have wrapped their arms around the wind companies and are acting like they have to protect them from the bullies who want to keep them away.

If you read my last letter, you know the wind companies are the real bullies, and when Stacy and Thomas stand with them hand in hand, they are joining forces with professional bullies and liars. They are taking an active role in helping the bullies shove these turbines into the county without consent. And now they even hire the wind companies’ own big-city lawyers to help with the bullying, as if the wind company doesn’t have enough money to hire lawyers to molest us.

All around the area, I am seeing signs lately declaring Seneca County a “Bully Free Zone.” But putting up a sign to declare something true not to be true is but a very thin veil and hides the truth from no one. By joining forces with the bully wind companies and helping pay for their bully lawyers, Stacy and Thomas have become the figurehead bullies of the county. Shame on them! Someone should cross out the word “Free” so the sign reads “Seneca County – Bully Zone.” No sense in hiding the truth.

Jim Hoffert,

Bloom Township