It’s finally fair time!

Let’s hear it for the fair — it’s Seneca County Fair time, the premier event of the summer that brings the community together. Follow along all week in The A-T and “Let the good times grow!” See you at the fairgrounds.

We’ve said it a lot before in the past few months, but thumbs down to the weather once again. This time, it is excessive heat that is taking us on this weekend. Be safe and stay hydrated.

Thumbs up to Tiffin City Manager Matt Watson and the traffic safety committee. A local resident recently called the city, expressing concern about no posted miles per hour signs on Gross Street, which has a lot of young children. After Watson was in touch with the resident, who shared her story with the A-T, the matter was brought to the committee, where it was determined two miles per hour signs be placed on Gross, at the intersection of Hedges and Chestnut streets. Well done to all to make the community a little safer!

Thumbs up to Seneca County Commissioner Holly Stacy, who saw her final meeting Thursday after 6 ½ years on the job. Stacy was honored by the county and those attending the meeting. Good luck to the Seneca County Republican Party, which is tasked with choosing Stacy’s replacement. Vying for Stacy’s position, which are to be determined July 29, is Jim Cline, Bill Frankart, Charles Knight, Charlie Palmer, Tony Paradiso and Bill Schultz.

Thumbs up to farmers market season. This Saturday, July 20, marks the Fostoria Farmers Market (9 a.m. to 1 p.m.) at the corner of Tiffin and Main streets. The next Seneca County Farmers Market will take place Saturday, July 27 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Washington Street downtown.

Good luck to those making highly important local decisions later this month. Tuesday is a big day for the Seneca Wind LLC project as the Ohio Power Sitting Board will hold hearings regarding the project from 3 to 8 p.m. at Tiffin University’s Marion Center. The hearing is to provide an opportunity for local people interested in the project to provide testimony on the facility. Following an adjudicatory hearing next month in Columbus where Seneca Wind, OPSB staff and parties of the case will present their evidence. After the hearings, the OPSB board will make a final decision.

And, a hearing regarding Sunny Farms Landfill’s operating license is set to begin July 29. The hearing is a result of a Seneca County Health Board February vote to approve issuance of a notice of intent to deny Sunny Farms’ operating license. Sunny Farms requested a hearing on the matter, which is to take place July 29.

We hope that decisions are made based upon sound facts and what is best for our area and its residents.