Remember the name of Riley Howell

There is a desire, shared by many in the news media, that the identities of those who seek notoriety through acts of infamy quickly will fade from memory.

There is, however, a name associated with an attack Tuesday at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte that deserves to be remembered: Riley Howell.

When the attacker started firing in the college classroom, Howell, a 21-year-old student from Waynesville, North Carolina, left his seat and charged the gunman, knocking the assailant down. That bought a few seconds, allowing a campus police officer — another hero in this assault — to enter the room and subdue the gunman.

Howell lost his life in the process, but undoubtedly saved others. As it was, one other person was killed and two more were wounded.

We won’t repeat the name of the assailant here. But the name of Riley Howell should be remembered.