Congrats, grads, we need you

This week, we offer a tip of the mortar board to all high school and college graduates — including the 50 students who picked up their degrees from the GED, Gateway and Ohio’s Options programs Wednesday night.

“You could not get a good job without at least a GED,” one of those students said during the ceremony.

That’s true, which is why it’s important for those 50 individuals to finish those programs. It’s also good for the community, too, due to another bit of good news this week: The jobless rate in Seneca County dipped a percentage point from March to April.

It can’t get much lower. The rate for April was 3.1%. The statewide and national averages were 3.3%.

Translating those numbers into words, it means the pool of available workers is shrinking while the demand for employees is growing. The workforce needs all those new graduates.