Thanks to those who clear the road

By the time this newspaper is delivered, a winter storm should be underway. Snowfall forecasts vary, with some calling for 4-8 inches by the time the white stuff stops falling. Some predict 8-12 inches.

Worse, the flakes are to be accompanied by and followed by wind. It’s like in the summer, when people say, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity,” only it’s not just the snow, its the wind.

So we take this opportunity to tip a cap to the plow jockeys who will be out there this weekend pushing the snow off roadways. While the snowfall is expected to stop today, pesky winds could keep the plow drivers busy into Monday.

We’ll also say thanks in advance to those who, armed with shovels, not only clear their own walks and driveways, but assist their neighbors — and dig out any fire hydrants nearby.