Property Transfers, Oct. 6

September Statistics

Residential properties sold: 93

Agricultural properties sold: 8

Commercial properties sold: 5

Special taxes properties sold: 1

Total September Sales: $12,897,198




Transfers listed as






Suder-Pierson Properties LLC

Tiffin Mall Realty Management LLC


870 W. Market St.


Kari L. Brose

Spar Enterprises LLC


213 E. Market St.


Kari L. Brose

Bernard J. Breidenbach Jr.


211 E. Market St.


Warren B. Bolus and Lucianne Bowlus

Robert G. and Cinda A. Swerlein


37 Hillcrest Dr.


Austen A. Goodman

Gerald E. and Jeanette F. Conely


295 W. Market St.


Drake M. Taylor &

Brice D. Taylor

James T. Davis


281 W. Perry St.


Nathan L. Harshman

Robert L. and Mercy R. Boehler


225 Clinton Ave.


Laura B. Elchert

Richard P. and Joyce A. Seitz  and Anthony Seitz


46 Elmwood St.


Clinton Township

On-Site Development LLP

Randy Swander


W. Ninth Avenue


Kevin M. Echelberry

Donald P. and Carolyn M. Echelberry


9817 E. TR 130


Eden Township

Stephanie D. and Nicholas B. Hufford

John and Robin K. Rosipko


4965 S. TR 1173


Scipio Township

David K. Busak

Cassia D. Elder


5923 E. TR 122


Mark A. Routzahn

Robert Vernon Routzahn


0 S. TR 177


Katelynn Depinet

James K. and Delores M. Coppus


7681 E. TR 106


Jackson Township

Leon and Wanita Neuenschwander

Nathan and Joyce Otto


7560 N. TR 64


Jimmy L. Klotz Jr.

Paul R. Hemminger


11404 W. TR 33


Debra S. Crawford

Kevin J. and Jill M. Earl


7241 N. TR 103


Nathan Miller

Casey L. Bradley & Jason A. Baker


10461 W. State Route 12


Venice Township

Attica Fair Association

Jason M. Darling


0 Vacant Ground


Hopewell Township

Yilin Chen and Weiguo Chen

Deborah A. Wilson


1800 S. Timber Creek Dr.


Thompson Township

James A. Bertlesbaugh

Franklin Hammond


16181 E. CR 34


Big Spring Township

Elizabeth Powers

Ronald Powers and Marion Lee Powers


12200 Smith St.


Bloom Township

James K. and Rachelle R. Hopperly

Judith A. Downey, Trustee


0 S. TR 173


Liberty Township

John H. Dewald

Marjorie M. Dicken


0 W. CR 38



Community Improvement Corporation of Fostoria

Seneca County Commission on Aging, Inc.


123 N. Main St.


Zachary A. Correll

Camelab LLC


219 N. Union St.


Ickes Properties LLC

Bank of America N.A.


723 Circle Dr.




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