Property Transfers, Oct. 13

Transfers listed as






Jeffrey A. and

Jami L. Morrow

Alicia Y. Dukeshire

fka Alicia Y. Weininger


19 Harvest Ln.


Joel A. Fox

Michael A. Weisenberger Trustee of the

Margaret Weisenberger


160 Clay St.


Brandon A. Stephens and

Bria L. Gibson

Christopher D. Sears and Amanda L. Sears


88 Gross St.


Kenneth D. Brown and

Cassandra O. Lagunzad

McCaulla Properties LLC


165 Nelson St.


Shawn M. Shriver

Anna Mae and

Michael Terreault


727 E. Spayth St.


Shackleton, LLC

Jake P. Buckwalton and Joseph M. Candito


294 Noble St.


Staurie, LLC

Loren R. and Linda J. Miller


139 E. Davis St.


Karl R. Omlor

US Bank, National Association


62 Liberty St.


Seneca Township

Richard A. and Kim M. Parman

Arthur J. Schreiner,

Trustee, et al


0 CR 92


Denny C. and Carol S. Lofay

Arthur J. Schreiner,

Trustee, et al


0 W. CR 92


John J. Rosipko, Jr. and Robin K. Rosipko

Robert E. Krupp


7301 S. TR 117


Green Springs 

Joel S. Morris and

Kathleen A. Morris

Ted A. Boyer and

Cheryl E. Boyer


314 S. Broadway St.


Adams Township

Timothy Alan Hoppe and Timothy Glenn Hoppe

Robin L. and Judith A. Grosjean


0 TR 178


Clinton Township

Gregory Smith

Joseph F. Irving, Jr. and Mary Beth Irving


2163 S. Shamrock Ct.


Dalton LeSavage and Katrina LeSavage

Brian J. Reinhard


666 Buckley St.


Thompson Township

Jeffrey A. Musser

Geoffrey C. Oney and

Sarah H. Oney


7816 N. CR 29


Thompson Township

Kinder Morgan Utopia, LLC

Mark and Valerie Bumb


369 Section Line Rd. 30


Kinder Morgan Utopia, LLC

Helen Schoen


1740 N. CR 29


Kinder Morgan Utopia, LLC

Robert A. Lindsey


10341 TR 178


Loudon Township

Theresa L. Fraver

Gail E. Eloy-Bowers and Jeffrey A. Bowers


863 N. Eastwood Dr.



Gail M. Laney

Esate of Asa R. Daugherty, Jr.


933 Walnut St.



William A. Smelser

Robert A. and Sally D. Minton


645 Wall St.


Matthew A. Huffman

Estate of Thomas P. Rutherford, deceased


344 W. Lytle St.


Jennifer R. Scudder

Mary Ann Graves


805 Oaklawn Ave.


Ray Baumer, Jr.

Carson S. Myers


202 E. Sixth St.