Property Transfers, Sept. 22

Transfers listed as






Craig A. and Rose M. Goshe

Michael Allen Frankart


833 N. Water St.


Holman Rentals IV LLC

Jeanne J. Heykoop


305 W. Culbertson St.

Tammy Jones

Amber Snyder


311 W. Jackson St.

Michael Roelle

Mickey L. Day


213 W. Crocker St.

MTGLQ Investors LP

Christine M. Hickey


403 Sandusky St.

Wells Fargo Bank

Sarah E. Rudy


201 Elm St.

Apex Bank

Sandra L. Snyder


641 N. Poplar St.

New Riegel

Ronald F. and Cindy L. LaFontaine

Theresa E. Bouillon


30 E. Tiffin St.

Adams Township

Ethan J. and Crystal L. Hoepf

Ralph W. and Linda L. Shetzer


5900 N. TR 175

Pleasant Township

JPMorgan Chase Bank

Gregory A. Stone


7877 N. Main St.


Wilma I. Ward

David W. Keller


75 S. Marion St.

Hopewell Township

Catherine E. Boes

Paul G. and Frances A. Kleinhenz


1925 W. CR 52