Property Transfers, Sept. 15

Transfers listed as





Adams Township

Jeff and Eve Alloway

Phyllis J. Sours Living Trust


209 E. Adams St.

Adam R. Baker and Tana T. Tiell

Dana A. and Virginia L. Mesnard


7631 E. TR 138

Hopewell Township

Jennifer L. Steinmetz and Chad E. Huffman

Raymond N. Hohman


2326 N. TR 135

Seneca Township

Jeremy D. and Lindsey M. Kalb

Neil W. Stock

Vacant land on West TR 90


Big Spring

Kevin Arbogast

Scott J. and Tonya S. Hohman


450 S. TR 25

Kiel R. Mathias

Mathias Family Farm Ltd.


Vacant land on West CR 6

Connie Ward

Mark E. Fredritz


12212 W. CR 10

Thompson Township

Ryan M. and Amanda R. Fretz

Craig L. and Jami Claar


14100 CR 34

Venice Township

Heather Barnett

Richard Dannemiller


8788 SR 4


Oscar R. Garza

Quentin Tiell and James Saunders


735 Cherry St.

Adrienne Nye

Karen S. Neiderhiser


324 W. Lytle St.

Jeanettea Hickle

Francis D. Weiker


428 Ohio Ave.

Teresa A. Filipse

Nathan E. and Wendy L. Hunt


340 W. Lytle St.

Mark E. and Ashley M. Dunfee

Dennis H. and Pamela S. Maag


323 W. Fremont St.

Earl C. and Jill Lothridge

Donald D. Wavsop


130 W. Jackson St.