Property Transfers, Sept. 1

Transfers listed as






Michael R.

and Arica M. Haas

Michael A. Bridinger


389 N. Sandusky St.

Sean M. Kirchner

and Brooklyn M. Boehler

Kari A. Smith


18 Apple St.

Kenneth C.

and Janet S. Arnold

Brooke M. Brill


25 Duchess Court

Michael G. Schmidbauer

Michelle S. Lange

and Shaun Helkey


282 Hedges St.

Tyler M. Huffman

Sean C. Walker


421 E. Market St.

Clifford E. McQuistion

Donald L. Fitch


21 E. Davis St.

New Housing Ohio Inc.

Capital B. Investments LLC


321 Jefferson St.

Clinton Township

Brooke N. Davis

Jennifer S. Tyree


553 W. TR 132

Kimberly Matheny

Laura L. Louder


530 N. TR 15

Seneca Township

Kevin L.

and Laurie A. Turner

Gerald A. and Ruth A.

Buckman, trustees


Bare land on CR 19

Scipio Township

Dennis H.

and Tricia L. Bowerman

Judith E. Kisabeth


1095 N. CR 43

Bloom Township

Matthew A.

and Brianne E. Shock

Dawn L. Nord,

surviving sole trustee


Property on CR 43


David A. Prenzlin

and Patricia D.


Donna Prenzlin


417 Thomas St.

Liberty Township

Patrick R.

and Melissa E. Bisson

Steven M.

and Susan B. Schwab


5233 W. TR 36

Loudon Township

Kelly P.

and Rachel Mae Cook

Valerie A. Miller,



538 N. TR 87