Property Transfers, Aug. 4

Transfers listed as






Leanna M. Posey

Tonya Sue Woodard


48 Virginia Ave.

Stephanie R. Lange

John Kihorany


152 Hall St.

Brent Hiser

Seneca Habitat for Humanity


49 Main St.

Cortnie M. Hampshire

Christopher S.

and Jena L. Aichholz


86 Hunter St.

Peter J.

and Barbara A. Bronson

Steve C. Shuff


528 Hedgegate North Court

Justin and Amy L. Lutz

Bradley M.

and Laura B. Elchert


194 Coe St.

Dillon M. Boyd

David V. and Racquel A.



244 Ohio Ave.

Investment Funding Inc.

Hogar Community

Reinvestment LLC


199 Charlotte St.

Steven C. Huffmon

John P. and

Eileen DeBarbrie


39 Howard Ave.


Herman Kinn

Steven P.

and Vicki L. Thompson,

David L. and Gay Ann

M. Perry


10 S. High St.

Diane L. Walter

and Thomas W. Allen

Sarah E. Pagnard


15 Clinton St.

Clinton Township

Bradley and Denice Arnold

James and Joanna Spaun


2085 S. TR 159

Eric Bishop

Cheryl Ann Anderson, et. al.


2724 E. SR 18

Big Spring Township

Derek L.

and Meagan L. Weinandy

Andrew J. Smith


8298 W. CR 10

Scipio Township

Zachary Bouillom

Norma M. Reinhart, TIEE,

and Randy M. Reinhart,



3328 S. TR 59

Eden Township

Kenneth L.

and Linda L. Hetzel

Raphael Caire, executor


4443 S. TR 17

Hopewell Township

Dean C. and

Jacqueline E. Stuckey

Scott A. and

Catherine A. Brickner


2556 N. TR 111

Richard K.

and Barbara A. Scaife

Stephen A. and

Edith McKinnon Repp


1715 W. TR 120 and

property on West TR 120

Loudon Township

Ryan J. Wethers

and Alaina C. Ritter

Ronald E. Smith


2207 SR 587