Property Transfers, July 7

Transfers listed as






Timothy R. and Lynette M. Ardner

Chris A. Lucius


265 Beechwood Drive

Penny Schirack

James T. and Lou Anne Mussman


283 Wentz St.

Alexander Doepker and Kate Ardner

Timothy R. and Lynette M. Ardner


266 Beechwood Drive

Roger & Robin Realty Ltd.

MARCON Properties Ltd.


162 S. Sandusky St.

Justin Thomas Atkin

Agnes M. Zeiger


370 Sycamore St.

Brady S. Decker

Timothy A. and Tracy R. Elder


410 Coe St.

Thomas J. Chaney

Mark A. and Margaret A. Hoerig JTS


380 N. Washington St.

James D. and Diane M. Baker

Mary Lou Distel, trustee of Mary Lou Distel Trust


68 Northwood Drive

Valor Properties Ltd.

Heidelberg College


345-347 E. Market St.

Ritzler Rentals Ltd.

Rita E. Anderson, et. al.


116 Hall St.

Joshua R. and Rhiannon M. Moyer



164 Melmore St.

James A. and Michaela R. McElhatten

David and Heather Greene


264 Circular St.

Ronald R. Fey

Willis C. Mitten


150 Noble St.

Richard D. and Joan E. Shook

Shirley A. Vilinsky and Denise A. Walsh, co-trustees


Circular Street

Clinton Township

Jamie and Jolynn Rhodes

Angela Patuto


1241 S. CR 13

Anthony C. and Dorothy M. Dotta

Chris M. and Rachel J. Hemminger


2261 S. TR 159

Bloom Township

Matthew and Heather Hoyda

Dawn L. Nord, surviving sole trustee


3814 S. CR 43


Joshua C. Miller

Finance of America LLC


628 N. Main St.

Natalie Chambers

David A. and Krista L. Roberts


338 College Ave.

Charles E. and Julie K. Lewis

Richard W. and Rebecca A. Stoepfel


130 E. Jones St.