Property Transfers, July 28

Transfers listed as






Robert L. and Dorothy Terese Fey

John P. Cleveland estate


110 Sixth Ave.

Gregory and Lori Stine

Robert B. Miller, et. al.


113 Lawndale Drive

Elaine M. McBride

Ashley N. Vaughn


150 Third Ave.

Sue C. Ward

Jacob L. Rider


24 Virginia Ave.

Toussaint M. and Brittany G. Craddoph

Ellen R. Smith


15 Hancock St.

Thomas S. and Christine L. Fourtner

B-N-R Properties LLC


76 Walker St.

Jacob R. and Melissa A. Walters

McKinney Family Properties Ltd.


71 Jackson St.

HSBC Bank USA, National Association, as trustee for Ownit Mortgage

Connie Phillips


58 Liberty St.

Wilmington Savings Fund, dba Christiana Trust

Patricia L. Hunker


270 First Ave.

KSI Home Buyers LLC

Kathleen R. Perez and Sheila J. Comer, co-trustees


22 Elmer St.

Kavi L. Brose

Jacob R. Walters


71 Jackson St.

Clinton Township

Samantha J. and Aaron M. Everheart

Peter and Barbara Bronson


4180 S. TR 22

Cory S. Wheeler

Steven Feasel


407 W. Adams

Big Spring Township

Andrew and Laura Reinhart

Terry Lee and Tamra Joan Hemrick


10230 W. TR 56


Rose Marie’s Eats & Treats LLC

D.G. Yandura LLC


66 S. Marion St.

Reed Township

Clinton A. Klasen

Dennie L. and Cindy M. Perkins


6517 CR 15


Gregory A. Henslet

Timothy B. and Annie Pelton


242 College Ave.

Steven Feasel

Margie Risner by Holly A. McConnell


420 E. Tiffin St.

Holly R. Coleman and Jon Micheal Durst

Glenn Davidson


231 W. Center St.

Louis C. Arbogast

Seneca County SO for: Sarah E. Dutcher


139 E. Sixth St.

Angel D. Young

Donna J. King


346 W. Center St.

Lynn Haynes LLC

Peter J. Gallagher


861 S. Wood St.

Loudon Township


Shaull Leasing LLC


418 N. US 23

Hopewell Township

Angela B. Clouse

Orland R. Schreiner Estate


7365 S. SR 53

Jason A. Biller

Jane E. Arnold


4592 W. TR 112