Property Transfers, July 14

Transfers listed as






2 KS Properties

Dolly C. and David W. Buckner


183 N. Monroe St.

Steve C. Shuff

Stephen C. and Deborah A. Tyree


419 Clinton Ave.

Kenneth R. and Kimberli L. Wurts

Blevins Negotiations LLC


440 Coe St.

Ryan Poignon

Deborah S. Riddlebaugh


227 E. Perry St.

Patrick L. and Theresa A. McClintock

Laura L. Pellegrini


214 Riverside Drive

Thomas J. and Deborah L. Eberly

Heidelberg University


36 Holmes St.

Xavier T. Lopez

Rose Halbisen


142 Huss St.

Tiffin University

Leo M. and Jacquelyn P. Ruffing


261 Miami St.

Erin R. Sehlhorst

Charles C. and Johanna C. VanRenterghem


154 Coe St.

Patricia U. Neff

Norbert J. and Wanda Gayle Scherger


138 W. Davis St.

Nova8516, a Delaware limited partnership

District Petroleum Products Inc.


253 S. Sandusky St.

Clinton Township

Amy L. Aday

Matthew T. and Heather A. Hoyda


2915 Briarwood Drive

William D. McKinney

Thomas J. Chaney


452 N. TR 15

Adams Township

Donald Schifer

Joseph E. Williams


38.348 acres in Adams Township

Bloom Township

James Cobie Preston

Kenneth R. and Kimberli L. Wurts


9762 E. TR 58

Pleasant Township

William Hertzer

Mark A. and Julia L. Smith


3540 N. CR 33


Albert F. and Deanna R. Sleek

Kathleen Howard


1030 Columbus Ave.

Andrew H. and Emily A. Meadows

Charles E. and Diane M. Brant


315 Columbus Ave.

Spenser T. Manz and Taylor R. Schreiner

Roy and Joy Findley


622 Walnut St.

Loudon Township

Irwin W. Phillips and Tony Phillips

Bette Kidd


625 S. TR 87

Raymond A. and Nicole L. Smith

Roger G. and Sandra J. Ridge


10688 SR 18

Liberty Township

Robin Rose

Roger Rose


6009 W. Main St.

Hopewell Township

KSI Home Buyers LLC

Julie Long, trustee of the Field Trust


1474 S. SR 53

James A. and Cynthia A. Scherger

John P. Phelps


3421 W. CR 26