Property Transfers, June 9

Transfers listed as





Clinton Township


and Winnia E. Vanover

Paul G. and Sylvia G. Miletti


2617 E. TR 122

Adams Township

Seneca Soil and Water

Conservation District

James A.

and Cynthia A. Scherger


5892 E. TR 138

Christopher D. Lamb

Reynalda Barrera


8089 N. SR 19


Robert L.

and Mary O. Kistner

Glenn W.

and Anne U Ardner


326 S. Sandusky St.

Thomas F. Opp

and Sherry A. Toland

Richard R. Ruehle,

Gerald Gene Ruehle

and Patricia Jean


380 N. Sandusky St.

Ruth E. Callihan

Kenneth W.

and Beck R. Bish


41 Douglas St.

Anthony A. Gooding

Michael Wayne

and Elaine Gale Leaver


145 Hampden Park

Michael P. Mack

Dean Stahl


182 Wentz. St.

F&S Investors of Ohio LLC

Society of

St. Vincent de Paul


182-184 S. Washington St.

Dean A. Stahl

and Michelle L. Smith

Anthony A.

and Rachel M. Gooding


119 Rosa St.

Tiffin Holiday LLC

Tiffin BNRS Group LLC


78 Shaffer Park Drive

Dennis E.

and Tammie S. Arnold

Brett C. and

Mackenzie M. Hessler


39 Braden Court

Thompson Township

Double C Farms LLC

Patricia L. Thornton


Property on CR 32


Eduardo Castillo

Charli Paulmer


Property addition

on Fremont Street

Kimberly R.

and James G. Jarrett

JP Morgan Chase Bank,

National Association


915 Spruce St.

James L. St. Clair

Krystle and Daniel Fox


267 W. Crocker St.

Peter F.

and Thomas L. Goldsmith

Amy L. Portentoso


208 Seneca Ave.

Bloom Township

Michael L. Aiello

Bradley R.

and Deborah S. Scheiber


3768 S. CR 23

Eden Township

Steven C. Shuff

Laminate Technologies Inc.


225 E. South Trail


and Mackenzie Hessler

Clifford A.

and Patricia M. Margraf


7810 S. CR 19

Jackson Township

Jacob D.

and Erin M. Brubaker

Nicholas A.

and Catherine A. Kelbley


6727 N. CR 3

Daniel and Kaela Shaferly

George S.

and Jacquelyn A. Fry


8330 W. CR 28

Hopewell Township

Leonard J. Clouse

as trustee

Bish Construction Inc.


1650 SR 1186