Property Transfers, June 2

Transfers listed as






Steven Richardson

Zahner Investments LLC


249 Wentz St.

Ronald W. and Vicky L. Clouse

Marie J. Setzler


45 Parkview Drive

Zachary R. Gaietto

Matthew A. and Jennifer M. Rickard


285 Jefferson St.

US Bank National Association

Terry A. Magers


93 Apple St.

Kelli Marie Echelberry

Virginia M. Schumm


326 Hedges St.

Eric and Stacie Routzahn

Michael E. Kisabeth, executor of the estate of Virgil E. Kisabeth


191 Lindsay Ave.

Clinton Township

Clayton and Wendy Sue Bailey

James E. and Rebecca W. Osborne


415 W. Jamestown Ave.

Green Springs

Nicholas S. Frey

Michael G. Humphrey


105 S. Kansas St.

New Riegel

Victor M. Gibson

S. Maarten LLC


15 W. South St.

Thompson Township

Steven R. and Cynthia A. Miller

Northern Ohio Cut Stone LLC


6615 N. CR 29

Courtney M. Evans

Duane A. Evans


6355 CR 29

Seneca Township

Jeffrey James Mangus

Cheryl L. Enders and Rickie L. Leddick


8975 S. SR 53

Eden Township

Charles T. Frankart

Branch Banking and Trust Co.


3860 S. SR 100


Courtney J. Hall

Rex A. James


442 and 434 Beech St.

Clay W. and Lora L. Wolph

Vincent and Alexandra Wolph


123 S. Main St.

Loudon Township

Travis E. and Christy L. Nippe

Michael P. and Vicki L. Hammer


1388 S. TR 37

Joshua D. Gillig

Edwin R. Schubert


2695 S. TR 59

Hopewell Township

Glenn E. and Valorie L. Gillig

Darrell L. Haugh, Terrence S. Haugh and Bradley J. Haugh


Property on West TR 110

Michael J. and Rush C. Arbogast

The Bank of New York Mellon


2727 W. US 224

Zackary R. Downing

Ashley M. Bower


1360 W. Seneca Ave.

Yvonne Zidd

Carl Huth III


1800 Meadowlake Drive