Property Transfers, June 16

Transfers listed as






Mary Cholodewitsch

Edward Louis and Patricia Jean Smith


360 Hedges St.

Richard Gray

Gerald E. and Jeanette F. Conley


25 Jackson St.

Brandie L. and Jacob P. Ekhert

Danielle M. McCombs


47 Gail Lane

Yaw O. Mamphey

Ralph Weber and Michael Weber, et. al.


36 Gary Lane

Thomas S. and Ashleigh B. Gilbert

Laura E. Bouillon


21 Bryden Road

Clinton Township

John Bradley McClung

Dustin J. and Andrea R. Hines


2542 S. CR 17

New Riegel

Ronald F. and Cindy L. LaFontaine

Raymond R. and Barbara A. Garcia


21 S. Perry St.

Big Spring Township

Mark E. and Maraline E. Thiel

Jeremy E. Sammet


12739 CR 58


RVFM 13 Series LLC

US Bank NA


133 E. Fourth St.

Jill K. Filliater

Robert A. and Jo L. Birkmire


Property on West Hissong

Cheryl A. Wiseman

William C. Morel by Timothy M. Morel, executor


318 W. Lytle St.

Vicki L. Baeder

Deborah A. Twining


603 S. Union St.

Scipio Township

Matthew R. Schneider

Roger C. and Nancy L. Schneider


641 S. SR 19

Bloom Township

Christopher S. and Jena L. Aichholz

Mark T. and Karen M. Border


5739 E. TR 58

Eden Township

Douglas Hess and Daniele Cuadra

Dennis P. and Barbara A. Wise


3487 S. TR 165

Zachariah W.L. Riedel

Gerald A. and Bonnie Hassinger


3474 E. CR 6

Pleasant Township

Cynthia L. and Edward B. Cap

Steven Heilman


362 W. CR 42

Jackson Township

Albert E. Huff II and Cheryl E. Huff

Rose Mary Huff


Property on West TR 41

Hopewell Township

Lori Ritzler

Steve and Penny Fazekas


Property on South Duchess Lane