Property Transfers, April 7

Transfers listed as






Shackleton LLC

Honey Creek Homes Inc.


391 Miami St.

Shackleton LLC

Ina Denise Ziegler


75 Jackson St.

Shackleton LLC

Honey Creek Homes Inc.


238 Clinton Ave.

KSI Home Buyers LLC

Diane K. Nolan


164 S. Monroe St.

Molly J. Elchert and Adam R. Pauley

Eric A. and Cathy S. Gottfried


55 Grand Ave.

Jacob and Megan O’Neil

Janet A. Vallery


46 St. Clair St.

Randall and Michelle Ryerson

David A. Scholl


208 Main St.

Tyler A. Burns

Kenneth B. Pey Trust


78 Kensington Ave.

Craig S. and Christine D. Pattee

Tiffin Seneca Library Fund


194 Riverside Drive

David Wayne Brown

Brian A. Ruggiero


261 Wall St.


Paul F. Worcester

Susan D. Myers and David L. Myers, trustees


164 E. Fourth St.

Galen G. and Angela S.A. Dillon

Virgene L. Barkley


200 W. Tiffin St.

Hopewell Township

PNC Bank

Jack L. Ritchie


1163 S. Central Ave.

Kyle G. and Nikki M. Hintze

Thomas J. and Deborah L. Eberly


2065 Timber Creek Drive

Deanna K. Nichols

Frederick F. Steinhauser III


47 College Ave.

Liberty Township

Adam R. and Tiffany M. Dible

James P. Lynch


7446 N. TR 69

Bloom Township

Benjamin E. and Lisa R. Nutter

Amor D. Reis


Vacant land on East CR 12

Eden Township

Kristian Peer

Stephen A. and Susan J. Nighswander


8520 S. CR 19

Green Springs

Mary S. Methner-Lowe and Gregory D. Lowe

Kimberly A. Lippert-Baptista


221 Smith St.

Jackson Township

David J. and Pamela K. Brickner

Chad M. and Desiree G. Smith


4345 N. TR 45