Property Transfers, April 28

Transfers listed as






Lori Ritzler

Steve and Penny Fazekas


85 Morningside Drive

Nicholas E. Sherck and Tiffany A. Sherck

Alyssia Tittle


17 Rebecca St.

Big Spring Township

Raymond R. and Barbara A. Garcia

Norma J. Tiell, trustee of Rita M. Lafontaine Revocable Trust


16 E. Tiffin St.


RRR Development LLC

Douglas W. and Eugenia L. Hock


117 S. Main St.

Edwin G. and Abby G. Gottfried

Tommy D. and Debra Ann Morgan


531-533 Maple St.


Frank A. Puza

V Mortgage REO 1 LLC


511 W. Jefferson St.

Seneca Township

Jason M. and Natasha L. Kingseed

Barbara J. Kingseed


3040 W. CR 6

Bloom Township

Perry L. Bloom

Elaine L. Thorn


3266 S. SR 53

Pleasant Township

Terry L. Garrett

Joe M. and Marcia J. Abbott


6320 N. TR 145


Jamie C. and Audrey L. Sellers

Kevin J. and Linda C. Crum


228 State St.

Jackson Township

Leon and Waneta Neuenschwander

Mark A. and Mary E. Perkey


7560 N. TR 64

Loudon Township

Hillcrest Assoc. LLC

Matthew R. Heater


413 N. SR 587

Eden Township

Honey Creek Acres LTD

Chris Ernst, trustee of the Joan Ernst Revocable Trust and the Ray E. Ernst Revocable Trust


Vacant land on East CR 6

Scipio Township

Stewart A. and Judy V. Zerkle

Mary Judith Ludban and Leslie James Ludban, trustees


430 S. CR 23