Property Transfers, April 21

Transfers listed as






Sandra L. Martien

MRB Rentals LLC


162 Thomas St.

Rhonda S. Laugherty

Zila T. Huss


270 Jefferson St.

Cheryl Fowler

Alexander L. and Emily L. Boroff


66 Ohio Ave.

Bruce L. and Julie G. Morris

Kristina R. Smith


154 Melmore St.

Michael T. and Carol L. Theis

Christopher J. Steinmetz


510 S. TR 77

Ryan and Marla Schultz

Patricia J. Lange


472 S. Washington St.

John Reiter

Walter L. Feasel, et. al.


280 W. Perry St.

Michelle B. McGee

James P. and Janelle R. Steyer


114 Center St.

Ryan Real Estate Management LLC

Jedidiah Zoeller


201 Sixth Ave.

Loudon Township

Rilyn Properties LLC

Susan K. Greeno and Deborah A. Johnson


Vacant land on West Hissong Avenue

Patrick A. and Anna C. Pagel

Scott I. and Amy E. Kelbley


1715 S. TR 59

Clinton Township

Loran H. and Wenda A. Wingart

Marie C. Vera


610 E. TR 1196

Adams Township

Jeremy J. Thompson

William R. Miller, et. al.


5647 SR 101

New Riegel

Edward C. Depinet

Richard A. Wank


46 N. Perry St.

Big Spring Township

Marilyn M. Metzger

Karen Dotson, successor trustee


58 N. Perry St.

Alec W. and Lindsay N. Wagner

Mack R. Gerschutz, et. al.


Vacant land on West TR 96

Andrew J. and Annie S. Insley

Patricia Ann Tremayne


8089 W. CR 10

Seneca Township

Shayleen Marie Jacobs

James A. and Valli S. Chaney


6464 SR 587

Thompson Township

Damon E. Runion

Christopher M. Beamer and Kristi J. Ohler-Beamer


4 S. Main St.

Reed Township

Mary T. Wise

CR Properties 2015 LLC


15443 E. SR 162


Collin Snyder

Richard A. Zink


855 Walnut St.

Lorraine Cunningham

Ventures Trust 2013-1-NH


662 Buckley St.

Dennis Brown

Nancy L. Swinehart


271 W. 4th St.

Theodore B. Groves

William Edward and Juletta Clara Burns


138 E. Tiffin St.

Aaron D. Williams

David Diaz and Eusebio and Mary C. Hernandez


431 Union Court

Vinson M. Rife

Ryand R. Smith


252 Thomas St.

Liberty Township

Lisa K. Ley

Sherri A. Hoy


6406 W. TR 174

Jackson Township

Allen P. and Adria Kleinfelter

Chad A. and Brandi C. Wonderly


Agricultural land on North TR 63

Benjamin J. Brickner

John L. Striff


Agricultural land on North CR 3 and North TR 53


Charles R. and Julie L. Hall

Cynthia J. Hahler and Lou Ann Booze


203 Elm St.

Hopewell Township

Jeffrey G. and Catherine S. Miller

Judy A. Schafer, et. al.


Agricultural land on West TR 102