Property Transfers, April 14

Transfers listed as





Big Spring Township

Thomas Robert Alderman Jr.

Giles Living Trust


8324 S. TR 1073

Douglas J. Rall

Mack Gerschutz, et. al.


215 W. Hicks St.

Anthony P. and Shelly C. Bumb

Mark R. Gerschutz, et. al.


Vacant land on West CR 6

Seneca Township

Michael C. Tilse

Daniel J.

and Courtney J. Banks


3625 S. TR 113

Derek Wise

and Stacy Nichols JTS

Dorothy M. Staib


5483 S. TR 113

Thompson Township

U.S. Bank National Association

Rosa Law


6113 N. TR 79


James T. May

Georgette M. Cook, executor of the estate of Lucille M. Kerschner


161 8th Ave.

Stephen M. and Cynthia M. Lupton

Patricia A. Best, trustee


71 Hampden Park

Tiffin University

Magnus Terra Co. Ltd.


133 Franklin St.

Tiffin University

Magnus Terra Co. Ltd.


118 Jackson St.

Tiffin University

Magnus Terra Co. Ltd.

140 S. Sandusky St.


Ritzler Rentals Ltd.

Timothy J. Ritzler


481 Melmore St.

Fifth Third Mortgage Co.

Gary Golden


246 Vine St.

P.A. and S.E. Fitschen

R.P. and N.L. Warnement


Parcel Q53041360160000


Catherine A. Osterkamp

Donald J. Clinker


225 W. Crocker

Kurt A. Brickner

Kim I. Kreps


901 Cary St.

Kenneth A. Smith

First National Acceptance Co.


1240 N. Countyline St.

Joshua R. and Brittany L. Clark

Emmett N. and Dorothy Droll


344 W. High St.

Charity Ann Keim and Ricky Allen Steele

Deborah M. Gillian

1035 State St.


Jeffrey M. and Christina L. Scuder

Curtis R. and Susan Marie Wagner


207 W. Tiffin St.

Bianca Lizbeth and Lorenzo Galvan

Socorro Rivera


157 Taft Blvd.

Amanda Hernandez

Gale Properties LLC


1371 Muirfield Place, Unit 10

Pleasant Township

Dana M. Portentoso

Robert and Deborah K. Colson


6322 N. SR 53

Jackson Township

Fostoria Hilltop Club Inc.

Frank J. Kinn, trustee


Land on West SR 12


Kevon E. Morse

KSZ Home Buyers LLC


104 Sullivan St.