Property Transfers, March 3

Transfers listed as





Clinton Township

Samuel Stephens and Marissa Jo Shetterly

Edward C. and Linda J. Depinet


2115 S TR 159

Clouse Holdings LLC

Daniel J. and Peggy Ewald


2929 S. SR 224


Scott F. and Kelly M. Donaldson

Jason J. Jones


167 N. Sandusky St.

David V. and Racquel A. Chimraksky

Shawn D. and Rita A. Gibson


435 Melmore St.

Edith and Gary A. Zahn

Don L. and Tonya K. Jacobs


99 Apple St.

Timothy Misnard

Estate of Jack Kemp


781 N. Water St.

James F. and Sandra L. Zoeller

Gail V. Correll


107 E. Teakwood

Roger and Robin Realty Ltd.

Sharon A. Gosche


33 Coe St.

Shiefer Properties LTD

Christine M. Wilson


2353 W. Market St.

Kristy J. and Justin D. Persohn

Fifth Third Mortgage Co.


1014 N. Vine St.

James M. and Marilyn S. Deats, trustees

Jonathan A. Gruss


76 Pearl St.

Timothy A. Toth

Kenneth and Keesha Lawrence


65 Lincoln Road


Joshua L. Shattuck

S&S Housing Rentals LLC


110 Van Buren St.

Liberty Township

Michael D. Willer

Jonathan J. Timmons


8939 N. SR 590

Hopewell Township

Roger Burns

Kevin P. Burns, executor of the Thomas Burns estate


2705 W. CR 26