Property Transfers, March 17

Transfers listed as






Jason A. and Tracie L. White

Pauline A. Burns


40 Brookwood Park

Jonathan L. and Ashley L. Farling

TPRR Real Estate LLC


130 S. Sandusky St.

Michael and Susan Windau

David R. and Virginia P. Arp


14 Towne and Country Drive

Hayden B. Keiser

Frank J. and Antoinette SanGregory


101 Second Ave.

Kenneth W. and Becky R. Bish

Perry W. Buchanan III and Irene Buchanan


41 Douglas St.

Lori A. Kurz

Auto Alternative Inc.


196 S. Monroe St.

Craige A. Garner

Jamie M. and Kaleb D. Ward


248 Wentz St.

Barbara J. Uhl

Deborah J. Williams, successor trustee


77 Westwood Drive

Phyllis Sleek

Stephen C. Hess


33 Hall St.

Liberty Township

Jeffrey W. and Tammy J. Gottfried, JTWRS

Robert E. Roemelen III, executor of the estate of Allamae Roemelen


1431 W. CR 61


Jeremiah and Amy Kries

The Huntington National Bank


109 Franklin St.

Clinton Township

Daniel S. and Lisa M. Beeker

Charles E. and Gretchen E. Koslosky


232 E. Tecumseh Trail

Nanette M. Sauber

Mankes Properties


40 Crestview Drive


Matthew J. Green

Susan M. Green, executrix


302 W. Tiffin St.

Ryan G. and Monica L. Price

Dorothy M. Hartschuh, trustee


615 Buckeye Drive


Lorraine Cunningham

JP Morgan Chase Bank


629 Buckley St.

Terrance Shreiner and Jeffrey Schreiner

Integrity Investing LLC


605 S. Union St.

Cody L. Feathers

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development


734 S. Main St.

Logan S. Robinson

Camelab LLC


1040 Cory St.

David D. and Kathleen M. Ledford

Jeanette and Victor Matthew Schick


664 Northview Drive

SG Capital Partners LLC

Harbour Portfolio VI LP


912 S. Poplar St.

SG Capital Partners LLC

Harbour Portfolio VI LP


1001 Buckley St.

Big Spring Township

Ralph A. Luzader

Ralph E. and Brenda C. Luzader


Agricultural land on South TR 23