Property Transfers, Feb. 11

Transfers listed as






BTS Holdings LLC

PJS Properties LLC


196 E. Market St.

Nicholas D.

and Jennifer L. Dutro

Mariann Aiello


153 Longfellow Drive

Zachary A.

and Britni N. Lucius

Mary J. and John A. Panuto


192 Hudson St.

Kyle D.

and Ashley D. Dorkoskie

Michael J.

and Sharon A. Felter


Vacant land

on Oakbridge Park

Amy F. Gosche

SPAR Enterprises LLC


318 and 318

N. Sandusky St.

Clinton Township


Edward E.

and Rebecca N. Eibling


142 N. SR 101

and vacant land


Roppe Corp.

Dennis E.

and Diane K. Garlick


Land on SR 12

Fanny E. Fetro

James L. Wright


408 S. Main St.

Fanny E Fetro

Randy J.

and Amanda S. Maynard


Land on High Street

Ricardo Galvan

Keys Golf Course LLC


727 Oaklawn Ave.

Scipio Township

Jill and Douglas Depinet

Estate of Norma J. Laibe


1972 S. SR 67

Eden Township

Myron G. Frisch

and Irene B. Frisch

Shirley J. Kuhn, et. al.


Land in Section 15

Myron G. Frisch

and Irene B. Frisch

Estate of Pauline Kuhn


Land in Section 15

Thompson Township

Frank P. Akers Sr.

and Carole M. Akers

George L.

and Marilyn F. Frederick


13280 E. TR 178

Michael A.

and Melissa A. Hicks

Timothy J.

and Angela K. Halbisen


5802 N. TR 82

Seneca Township

Randall A.

and Kelly L. Zoeller

Gerald W. Carrick


4349 S. SR 53

Norman Clouse, trustee

Dennis and Debra Clouse


Land on West CR 6

Hopewell Township

Chad J. and Sara L. Orr

Lee A. and Sarah B. Focht


2297 W. CR 52

Keesha M.

and Kenneth H. Lawrence

Josh E.

and Kimberly L. Esnard


1685 Lakeview Drive