Property Transfers, Dec. 31

Transfers listed as





Seneca Township

Douglas R. and Sarah J. Clouse JTS

Beatrice A. Clouse


Land on West CR 6

Hopewell Township

Laura and Samuel Frankart

Thomas M. and Linda F. Lee


1351 W. Seneca Ave.

Loudon Township

Scott R. and Heather D. Whitmer

Evelyn J. Young


12130 W. TR 112


Angela K. and Gene P. Brengartner

Jeffrey T. and Dana C. Scherger


43 Goodsell St.

Kisha Reuter

Seneca Habitat for Humanity Inc.


262 Third Ave.

Chester E. and Dawn R. Fitch

Estate of Charles D. Miller


38 Oil St.

Joseph J. Gonzales

CR Properties 2015 LLC


674 Maple St.


Marcy J. and David L. Epley

Autumn S. Bietzke


813 N. Main St.

Kenneth Eric Noble

HSBC Bank N.A.


737 Circle Drive

Marjorie and Thomas Rietzke

Marjorie Rietzke, successor co-trustee


1309 42nd St.

Jason M. Grunden

Christine Grunden


660 Buckley St.

Jason L. Smith

Joseph A. and Laurie Ann Fretz


111 S. Union St.

Jackson Township

Gerald W. and Phyllis J. Reiter

Kyle L. and Angela R. Blausey


9117 W. SR 12


Jason L. and Kristina M. Drown

Est. of Marilyn A. Porter


511 Washington St.

Pleasant Township

John D. Carrigan

Jean Marie Lonsway, et. al.


6343 N. TR 145