Property Transfers, Dec. 3

Transfers listed as






CK Seneca Enterprises LLC

Martha A. Forrest


20-22 S. Washington St.

Manning Management

The Bank of New York Mellon


9515 E. TR 148

Adams Township

Daniel E. Bour

Kenneth E. Carroll


3377 N. SR 18


George and Erin Morgan

Margaret A. Carrick


26 S. Marion St.

Eden Township

Daniel and Jenny Weinandy

James R. Meisner

5223 CR 19


Hopewell Township

Joshua E. Spears and Elizabeth K. Runion

Evelyn R. Allison, trustee


2463 W. TR 18

Chester and Dawn Fitch

Vernon C. Hites Jr.


991 S. Morgan Ave.

Loudon Township

Drew J. Cassidy

David and Kristi Cassidy


TR 59


Victor and Tamara Blankenship

Edith E. Hemminger


201 Washington St.

Clinton Township

Lucas and Erika Leppla

Donna R. Reis Living Trust


East CR 36

James K. Distel

Cory and Danielle Blust


21 N. TR 165

Cory and Danielle Blust

James K. Distel


2454 E. CR 36

Josh Meisner and Breanna Combs

Otis and Janice Baker


320 S. CR 17

Seneca Township

Joseph E. Irving III and Ashley E. Irving

Ann M. Garrison


1417 W. CR 90