Property Transfer, Dec. 10

Transfers listed as






Carl Zilch

U.S. Bank

National Association


10 Hampden Park

Chris Lucius

Paula K. Hunker,

Jeffrey A. Stover

and Janice E. Hook


4 W. Teakwood Court

Scott J. Kromer

Chad E.

and Gretchen P. Cooper


286 Hancock St.

Pennyan Nikkols

Denise Martin,

Carla Brenaman

and Cheryl Hann, et al.


108 E. Teakwood Court

Jedediah A. Zoeller

James P. VanBibber


60 Darby Road

Richard J. Haim

Barbara M. Hillman,

Eleanor Hillman, Jayne

Hollis and John Hillman


336 Water St.

Chad E.

and Gretchen P. Cooper

John E.

and Melanie A. Owen


380 Coe St.

Robert E. and Sheila A. Vicek

Robyn E. Vicek


32 Towne and Country Road

Clinton Township

Dustin C. Krupp

Jeffery L.

and Robin E. Potts


330 W. Jamestown Ave.

Brian R.

and Amy M. Cooper

Clinton P. Clouse


2643 TR 1177

Jeffrey R. Michel

and Beth M. Souder

Christina Trust, a division

of Wilmington Savings

Fund Society, FSB, as

trustee for Mortage Loan

Trust, Series 2013-17


556 E. Perry St.

Seneca Township

Kevin W.

and Lindy A. Hoepf

Joann J. Hoepf,

surviving trustee


5660 W. CR 14


and Teresa SanGregory

Barbara A. Bender


3540 W. CR 14

Eden Township

Austin W. Ridenour

Robert L.

and Judith E. Legren


3561 S. SR 231


Lynn Young and Jeffrey Fry II

Joshua C. Miller


1041 Garlock Drive

Stewart M. Goodin

Anthony P.

and Cindy Lehmann


607 Woodward Ave.

Maggie Mae Properties LLC

Gregory S. and Barbara A.

Garland, trustees


511 Maple

Hopewell Township

Lynn Haynes LLC

Richard W. DeWald, trustee


1157 S. Brace Ave.

1167 S. Brace Ave.

1194 S. Morgan Ave.

1213 S. Bon Air Ave.

1197 S. Brace Ave.

South Morgan Avenue

245 S. Bon Air Ave.

1177 S. Brace Ave.

1159 S. Brace Ave.

Reed Township

Allan M. Buchanan

and Lacie Y. Criswell

Bradley J.

and Jennifer S. Bolyard


2590 CR 27

CR Properties 2015 LLC

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank

National Association


15443 E. SR 162

Venice Township

Douglas J. Rall

David L.

and Robyn S. Osborn


412 N. Main St.


Adam M. Lenke

William B. Roelle Jr.


307 Union St.

Ryan A. Spilak

CR Properties 2015 LLC


110 State St.