Property Transfers, Oct. 8

Transfers listed as






Levi Dickman

Wayne A. Traxler, et. al.


274 Jackson St.

Chad M. Siebeneck

Brenda Varney-Hill


639 Hedgegate South Court

Ashley Triplat

and S. Charlynn White

Daniel R. Swinnerton


49 Riverlea Park

Sarah E. Echler

KSI Home Buyers LLC


47 Walker St.


Federal Home Loan

Mortgage Corporation


37 Longfellow Drive

Kimberly Erin Pachis

James F.X.

and Frances N. Pentony


44 Teakwood Drive

Clinton P. Clouse

R. Joseph Temple, trustee

of the R. Joseph Temple

DDS Trust


620 S. Washington St.

Eric E. Terry

Vernon and Jane Terry


162 Tomb St.

William R.

and Jenny C. Alford

Timothy Francis

and Ann Marie Ott


500 N. Washington St.

Amber L. Factor

Luis M. Cortell


79 Hancock St.

Clinton Township

Robert L.

and Mercy R. Boehler

St. Paul’s United

Methodist Church


225 Clinton Ave.

Brent E. Bordner

Justine M. Wise


4048 E. SR 18

Timothy F. and Ann M. Ott

Lori A. Kurtz


2729 S. TR 1177


DC Northwest LLC

Steven J.

and Karen A. Aicholz


302 W. Jefferson St.

and 101 N. Kilbourne

Big Spring Township

Andrew W.

and Elizabeth A. Cardwell

Wayne Gnepper, trustee


4528 SR 587

Thompson Township

Paul W.

and Sherrie L. Szucs JTS

James W. Smith


7874 N. SR 18

Bloom Township

Jacob Hacker

The Bank of New York

Mellon Trust Co.


8157 E. TR 58


Michael L. Reiter

William Frankart


908 N. Countyline St.

Andrew P. Miller

Steven J. Feasel


205 N. US 23

Jeremy Duryea

Russell and Marilyn J. King


904 S. Poplar St.

Jesse J. Mendoza

Grant Wagner

Properties LLC


403 Beech St.

Breese Farms LLC

Kreh Rentals LLC


251 E. Lytle St.

Travis L. Williamson

Michael J. Cooley

and Jessica A. Dyer


240 W. High St.

Hopewell Township

Melinda J. Heyman

and Joel R. Crawford

Vincent Arnold, executor of

estate of Willis Arnold


1505 W. Continental St.

Jackson Township

Joseph and Laurie Fretz

Stephen W.

and Joann E. Boyer


4997 N. TR 45


and Scott Strausbaugh

Brian C.

and Carol M. Lieske


Agricultural land

on North TR 63