Property Transfers, Oct. 29

Transfers listed as






Mastro Development Group LLC

USPG Portfolio Five LLC


Vacant land on South Shaffer Park

Craig E. Sauber

Connie J. Phillips


52 Elmwood St.

Shane Hassler

Brenda S. O’Donnell


131 Park Ave.


Dennis J. and Linda L. Frankhart

Mark Ranker


26 Clinton Ave.

Eden Township

Eric R. Reis

Estate of Pauline Kuhn


Eden Township, Section 14

Eric Reis

Shirley J. Kuhn, et. al.


Eden Township, Section 14

Clinton Township

Brittany D. Wise

Earnest H. and Joyce R. Cox


1602 E. CR 38

Donald R. and Deborah S. Weller

Audrey R. Weller, trustee


299 W. TR 132

Green Springs

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.

Melissa S. Slane


205 W. Adams St.

Reed Township

Timothy J. Ritzler and Jennifer Miller

Tyler J. and Lyndsay L. Young


3273 N. TR 155

Paul A. Vogt

Dennis Vogt


1036 S. SR 4

Herbert and Sheryl Wall

Paul A. Vogt


1036 S. SR 4

Karen E. Szabo

Charlotte M. Phillips


2565 S. SR 4

Adams Township

Christopher J. Mey

Larry R. and Helen L. Murphy


4982 N. SR 101

Christopher L. Jr. and Genevieve M. Vlock

David W. and Laura J. Stubblebine


6868 TR 180

Seneca Township

Travis J. and Vickie L. Overbee

Kyle J. Couch


1300 W. CR 6

Bradley E. Smith and Shelby R. Perkins

David J. and Teresa K. Kauffman


3230 CR 14


Richard D. and Shirley A. Weaver, trustees of the Weaver Family

Roger D. and Linda L. Radcliff


336 S. Main St.

Fifth Third Mortgage Co.

Jessica A. Mora


332 Elm St.

Randy L. Cunningham

Thurman Beasley


401 Colonial Drive

Shelley L. Grose

PHH Mortgage Corp.


935-937 N. Union St.

Thompson Township

Diane L. and Michael E. Ackerman

David W. Freitag


8473 N. SR 269

Bryan T. and Tricia E. Miller

Lucy R. Meyer estate by Kathleen Meyer, executor


4198 N. TR 83


Franklin D. Hammond

Florine M. Funk


305 Broadway St.


April N. Shoup

Nathan G. Davis


201 S. Main St.

Liberty Township

John L. and Cheryl S. Nye and Eric J. and Carrie M. Nye

Jeffrey J. and Renee A. Scherger


0 North TR 103

Brian M.

and Barbara A. Brickner

Helen M. Brickner


North SR 635

Pleasant Township

David J. and Vania M. Eberhard

Christopher M. Riehl


7715 N. TR 169

Hopewell Township

Dennis M. Boehler

Juanita F. Collier revocable trust


1700 Duchess Lane, Lot 4

Mary Helen Weatherholt

Anna M. Botton


0 West TR 198

Jackson Township

Michael N. and Rosa Blasius

Mathew E. Graber and Monica A. Eisenman


10000 W. CR 28

Venice Township

Aaron P. Thompson and Karin G. Fraelich

Dustin H. Mattingly


13290 E. CR 12