Property Transfers, Sept. 17

Transfers listed as






Adam J. Mack and Amber N. Perrine

Joseph T. Hoezle


31 Park Ave.

Jeanne I. Mowry

James E. Yoder


49 N. Cedar Court

James J. Losey

Joel D. and Angela J. Lands


232 Charlotte St.

Roger L. and Nancy L. Runion

Bernita M. Runion


104 Douglas St.

Jerrad A. and Jessica R. Ingersoll

Robert J. and Laura A. Gaietto


455 2nd Ave.

Rodney O. Young

Arthur W. Meyers


137 Westwood Drive

Natallie A. Jones

Estate of Shar Lynn Troxell


150 Erie St.

Nancy S. Engleman

Marvin D. Orwig, Thomas E. Orwig and Nancy S. Engleman


115 Lincoln Road

Adams Township

Jerry M. and Charity L. Castle

David L. and Donna J. Hisey


5808 Tiffin Ave.

Eden Township

Michael A. and Irene A. Burd

Louann Maraldo and Curtland Roy Smith


164 Oakley Meadow Lane

Clinton Township

James L. Herbert

Timothy A. Finkey


427 S. TR 1179 Unit 1A

Jackson Township

Chad Wonderly

John E. Brown


Vacant property on North US 23


C.R. Properties 2015 LLC

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank N.A.


110 State St.