Voters consider Clyde-Green Springs School levy

CLYDE — Voters are to consider an earned income tax levy for Clyde-Green Springs Exempted Village School District on the March 17 ballot.

This levy is to replace the previous property tax levy that had been on the ballot this past November and May 2019. Both were not approved by the voters.

Superintendent Dennis Haft said this levy, which is for 10 years, remains an operating levy for day-to-day operations of the district.

Haft said the benefits will be for the district’s senior citizen population, who are not to be affected by the tax levy. Only those with an employer will be affected, he said.

Farmers will not be taxed on their land but will still be taxed on income.

The forecasted amount the levy would potentially generate is around $1 million.

Haft said the board has asked for about $1 million in cuts potentially if the levy does not pass.

“It has been 15 years since an income tax levy has been passed,” Haft said.

“I am hoping the community continues to see the great things this district is doing,” Haft said.

Haft said the district’s buildings have been honed by the state in academic achievement.

“We have a great college and career ready program,” he said.

Haft also commended the athletic and arts departments.

“We want to keep the great things we’re doing going and just maintain what we have,” Haft said. “If we succeed in March we will be in good shape for quite a while.”


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