Carey Local Schools gives update on solar field project

CAREY — Carey Exempted Village Local Schools presented an update to its solar field project Wednesday morning.

According to Superintendent Mike Wank, “The project is coming along very nicely. It looks like the solar panel field will be online in May.”

Wank said the project has also created several positive partnerships including the Village of Carey, who has helped provide the net metering opportunity that will enable the school district to save an estimated $16,000 per year and more than $1 million over the life of the solar panel field.

“Vaughn Industries has been not only a supporter of the school district, but a leader in the community in forward looking projects,” Wank said. “They are also leading the completion of this project.”

The district is also working with Eitri Foundry, a clean energy company. Eitri Foundry is working with Carey’s FFA program, Teen Leadership Corp. and is working with the Ohio State Univeristy Extension Office to create a test area.

“The test area will enable us to keep the four and one half acre solar site as a productive revenue generating farm,” Wank said. “They also are working with our students in the classroom to talk about job opportunities in the solar field, as well as provide information about the project.”

Not only is this project good for the school, but it’s great for the community and demonstrates the board of education’s stewardship of the community’s resources,” Wank said. “This project has been a positive way of partnering with several businesses and the community, which is critical for the success of all involved.”


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