Candidate for Seneca County sheriff: David Pahl

David Pahl, captain at Seneca County Sheriff’s Office, says he is running for sheriff to provide the continuing safety and security to the residents of Seneca County.

Pahl, who is to appear on the Republican Primary Election ballot March 17, said he is a lifelong resident of Seneca County, and, being from rural Seneca County, he knows and understands that everyone wants to be safe and feel safe in their homes.

“My entire career is at the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office,” he said.

Pahl said believes spending his entire career at the sheriff’s office qualifies him to be the most qualified to continue the great work Sheriff Bill Eckelberry has spent his 38-year career accomplishing.

If elected, Pahl’s chief deputy would be Detective Sgt. Don Joseph, who is assigned to Seneca County Drug Task Force — METRICH Enforcement Unit.

Pahl said Joseph was born and raised in Seneca County, is a proven leader with 22 years of service at the sheriff’s office, has a master’s degree in justice administration and is a veteran of the U.S. Navy.

Pahl started his career in 2000.

He was hired as a corrections officer at Seneca County Jail, graduated from a peace officers academy in 2002 and was assigned to the warrants and transports division in 2003.

He was put in charge of the warrants and transports division about nine years ago, was promoted to sergeant in 2014 and became the captain — second in charge of all operations — at the end of July.

Pahl said his expertise and experience is under jail operations, which consumes almost two-thirds of the sheriff’s office budget.

“We have 55 employees currently working in the corrections division,” he said.

Pahl said he was focused on furthering his career when Eckelberry took office in 2010. The idea of him running for sheriff when Eckelberry retired has been an ongoing idea for at least the last five years.

“I would never run against Bill,” he said.

Pahl said his goal, once elected sheriff, is to increase the number of road deputies. He said he wold like, in the first four years, to be able to put on three road patrol deputies and add another detective to handle major cases.

Pahl said he also would like to increase the jail staff with three corrections officers.

He said he has a plan to increase the staffing, without adding any additional burden to the county’s current budget, through federal funds.

Pahl said he would like to grow relationships with local law enforcement, fire departments and EMS personnel with joint training, and he would like to improve communications with the entities to provide better response times and services.

Pahl said he has direct knowledge and hands-on experience he believes a sheriff needs to have to run the sheriff’s office. He said he knows the day-to-day operations.

Pahl said he believes that running the sheriff’s office differs in so many ways from running a police department.

“There is a huge difference between 6.2 square miles and 550 square miles that we currently provide protection and service to,” he said.

Pahl said he farms in rural Seneca County. The work occurs on 248 acres of his family’s farm.

“I believe that is what started me in being able to budget money,” he said.

Pahl said he was born and raised in Seneca County. He and his wife have chosen to raise their family in rural Seneca County.

“This is where I call home. … I have deep roots in the community,” he said.


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