Living in great days

Linda Anderson leads a song during the program at Faith United Methodist Church Monday.

People are living in great days, a speaker says.

Jason Daniels, an author, speaker and consultant for philanthropy and management from Perrysburg, delivered, “What would Martin Luther King, Jr. Say Today?” during the community celebration Monday evening at Faith United Methodist Church.

Daniels said he uses a hashtag: “These are great days.”

He said he believes people live in one of the greatest countries in the world.

“We no longer have to live segregated lives,” he said.

Shayne Thomas, president of Seneca County Board of Commissioners, encouraged people to communicate, collaborate and celebrate.

“His dream’s still alive,” he said.

The Rev. Marilyn Coney, pastor of Faith United Methodist Church, read a prayer King had prayed.

She said people are mindful man cannot save himself and know they need a savior.

Coney prayed for God to help people realize that man is created to shine like stars and live on through all eternity.

“Keep us, we pray, in perfect peace,” she said.

Patricia DeMonte and James Boroff received the Peacemakers Award for working with the Seneca County homeless.

The Rev. Paul Stark, a member of the event’s planning committee, said peace takes justice. With no justice, there is no peace, he said.

“Pat DeMonte has long served our community, and she has been a beacon for us. … She’s an amazing person,” he said.

DeMonte serves as the executive director of Tiffin-Seneca United Way and is active in the community with boards and organizations.

“She has worked for justice in our community,” Stark said.

DeMonte said Seneca County Council on Homelessness is looking at expanding its dream of having an emergency shelter in the community, and it’s going to take the community to make it come about.

“We do have a dream,” she said.

DeMonte said she accepted the award in memory of her mother, who taught DeMonte and her sisters the importance of helping others, no matter the race, color and creed.

Boroff served as a scientific and technical photographer for the FBI and has been a substitute teacher in Tiffin City Schools. He served on Tiffin City Council, was elected mayor and developed the community task force.

Boroff said his wife got him actively involved in the community.

Winners of the essay contest were Hayden Banks and Colton Walters, second-graders at Krout Elementary School; and Isaiah Bowman, A.J. Munoz, Sebastian Pierson and Madeline Zeno, third-graders at Calvert Catholic Schools.

“There is hope for the future,” said Gene Chintala, co-chairman of the event’s planning committee.