FCT to host two Christmas shows


Fremont Community Theatre, and Floyd Collins, have announced their Christmas show: “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and Disney’s “Frozen, Jr!” at the theatre, 1515 Dickinson St.

Share the magic of Christmas and togetherness with these family-friendly favorites, combined into a holiday double feature. Both shows will be performed on each date with an intermission in between.

Regular tickets have been sold out for all performances, but you can be added to the waitlist by calling the Box Office at (419) 332-0695.

Tickets are $15 for adults, $12 for military and seniors 60 years of age and older, and $5 for students and children grade 12 and under.

Performance dates include, 7:30 p.m. Dec. Friday, Saturday and Dec. 13 and 14; 2 p.m. Sunday and Dec. 15.

Cast members for “A Charlie Brown Christmas” are as follows: Ryan Randolph (Charlie Brown), Taylor Peck (Snoopy), Wayne Biggert (Linus), Grace Biggert (Woodstock), Lori Willey (Lucy), Leslie Childers (Sally), Jim Stendera (Pig Pen), Madison Cutshall (Frieda), Tricia McElfresh (Patty), Toni Biggert (Violet), Frenchy Forster (Schroeder), Julie Wagner (Shermy).

Cast members for Disney’s “Frozen, Jr.” are as follows: Lillie Swinehart (Anna), Emma Tucker (Elsa), Mena Wylykanowitz (Middle Anna), Karlie Franks (Middle Elsa), Ava Amarante (Young Anna), Ellis Wylykanowitz (Young Elsa), Jacob Wylykanowitz (Hans), Clayton Sooy (Kristoff), Samantha Rickard (Olaf), Atlee Everhart (Sven), Gwen Kiser (Queen Iduna), Ridley Sabo (King Agnarr), Kenzie Franks (Pebbie), Eden Sheidler (Bulda), Elise Hill (Oaken), Lance Laughlin (Bishop), Seth Brickner (Weselton), Reagan Huff (Lady in Waiting), Samantha Young (Steward), Charis Lehr (Guard 1), Anya Stuart (Guard 2), Elizabeth Rellinger (Housekeeper 1), Taylor Peck (Housekeeper 2), Addison Nutter (Handmaiden), Grace Biggert (Cook 1), Journie Jones (Cook 2) and the Towns People are Saebra Cooks, Cora Sooy, Molly Brudzinski, Kapri Morrisette, Braylee Laughlin, Kensington Krieger, Mariska Raykay, Megan Miller and Annabelle Kiser.