2020 to be a milestone year for Mohawk

SYCAMORE — January 1, 2020 will be milestone for the Mohawk School District and the Mohawk community. That is when the Mohawk Community Investors group will return the Community Center to the district. The MCI has met its challenge and completed its purpose.

In 2007, the district faced the dilemma of saving or demolishing the old high school when the new building was opened. The taxpayers defeated a levy intended to save and repurpose the building. That’s when many community members formed the investors group each purchase $1000 shares in order to rent the large meeting room and gymnasium from the district.

Since then the MCI has hosted public and private events and bingo nights which have paid the rent. Having met their commitment, the district will manage the facility and the investors have recouped their investments. The board is to continue the same rental fees.

Demonstrating the family’s commitment to the McCutchenville community, the Messersmith family committed to renting the McCuthchenville ball field for 100 years for $1 per year.

The Mohawk Board of Education recognized the retiring board members for their service to the district at Monday evening’s meeting. Ray Wagner is completing his fifth year on the board. Devon Gillig has served for four years.

In preparation for renegotiating the Master Agreement with the Mohawk Education Association, a notice to negotiate has been issued. By mutual agreement both sides have agreed to open talks soon after January.

Elementary principal Tami Wallace was pleased to report that 60% of the third-grade class achieved proficiency on the state test taken in October.

In personnel issues several supplemental positions for spring sports.  A number of supplemental contracts were amended. Avita has a contract with the district to provide athletic trainers at home events. Their staffing problems may cause the district to hired other vendors.

The board approved the updated policies and the course of studies for the high school. Both are available on the district website.

Chelsea Bilger, Lindsey Kalb and Amber Crow were recognized by the board for their special education presentation at the OCALICON state meeting.

Facilities team will be working on installing film on all the outside windows and doorways to continue ensuring the safety of the students and staff. Radios are to be obtained to allow for immediate communication throughout the campus.

The reorganization meeting is to be held Jan. 6 with Josh Messersmith as chairman.

The board adjourned to executive session but no action was taken.